Salesforce Engineer – Warszawa

Date 17/11/23
Location Warszawa

We are looking for a top Salesforce Engineer to join one of the most respected global SaaS product companies. You will join a team with an insatiable appetite for learning, the ability to take projects from idea to completion, and a knack for finding creative solutions to complex challenges. This is a great opportunity for someone experienced in Salesforce development to build the processes that will drive the next level of efficiency for our company.

Your role:

  • Collaborate with fellow developers and project managers within the Business Systems team to implement strategic initiatives. Develop case management systems, accurate revenue attribution mechanisms, pipeline automation, and streamlined approval processes. Effectively handle evolving priorities in a dynamic environment, ensuring the delivery of impactful solutions to meet the needs of business stakeholders. Exemplify and advocate for elevated standards in system architecture, emphasizing clean and efficient code with thorough unit test coverage and transparent documentation. Contribute to the creation of scalable development tooling frameworks to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality releases. Participate in the co-creation of a comprehensive, long-term strategic roadmap and actively lead strategic initiatives for our Salesforce implementation.



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