Game Artist – Remote

Date 29/04/21
Location Remote

We are looking for super talented and passionate people to join our rapidly growing team.

As a Game Artist in AvatarUX you will join a team of super talented concept artists, illustrators and animators, as well as very friendly developers and testers to keep our games at the highest quality bar.

Your role:

  • Working with the Creative Director and Art Directors to fully realize a game’s vision and theme.
  • Creating concept art as well as final in-game illustrations.
  • Creating hand painted UI elements for slot games.
  • Finalizing and polishing existing concepts.
  • Following priorities set forth by the Game Producer.
  • Delivering clean and well-organized source files for the animators to work on.
  • Exporting image assets according to our internal specifications and guidelines.
  • Collaborating with other illustrators, animators and developers to ensure a smooth and timely delivery.
  • Participating in everyday development workflow.


  • Superior illustration skills backed up by a jaw-dropping portfolio.
  • Top level creativity and ability to come up with fantastic concept art.
  • Ability to comfortably work in many different visual styles.
  • Great communication skills and ability to interpret and implement constructive feedback.
  • Good knowledge of advanced Photoshop features like linked Smart Objects and style libraries.
  • At least 2 years of experience in working in a game development workflow.
  • Ability to organize your work.


  • We are a gaming company, but we do not want you to crunch or do overtime. We want you to stay fresh, motivated and just simply enjoy your work.
  • We want you to work with super talented people from all over the world.
  • We want to create the most friendly atmosphere possible to allow you to express your creative vision to the fullest.
  • We want to pay you a handsome salary so you can keep your mind off other offers.
  • We want you to take advantage of our WFH policy and use the time you would spend commuting to engage in cool hobbies that you previously did not get the chance to take up.
  • We want you to work on the best equipment that you will enjoy using, so we will ask your advice when making the order.
  • We want to stay small and keep a flat structure for as long as possible, so forget about tangled org charts with people you never heard of.
  • We are offering a full-time employment contract, private healthcare, posh office space in Mindspace Koszyki (currently serving as equipment storage, since the whole company is working from home) etc.

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