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Success Fee, IT Outsourcing, RPO? How to choose the best IT recruitment agency service

Using an IT recruitment agency is one of the easiest and quickest ways to recruit top IT professionals. However, it is easy to get lost in the maze of industry terms, small print and marketing slogans.

Paweł Bujak
2 January 2024

IT recruitment in crisis – what can a Recruiter do to weather the storm? [REPORT]

To call a spade a spade, the IT recruitment industry is in a deep crisis. In our IT job market report, we see continued declines, and the situation is increasingly affecting not only IT professionals, but also recruiters in IT recruitment agencies and in-house HR departments. Two questions arise here - what's next, and what to do about it?

Mateusz Smoczyński
4 October 2023

IT recruitment – is it the right choice for you? (list of qualities of a good recruiter)

Being in or at the end of school or university, you are probably starting to think about the first steps in your career. In recent years, the internet has been awash with IT and recruitment jobs, with salaries well above the national average. The thought is slowly forming in your head that maybe it's time to jump in that rocket and embark on a multi-year adventure in IT recruitment... But is it really for you?

Lena Felner
21 April 2023

List of skills that will help you become a successful IT Recruiter

The decision has been made, it has happened! You want to take on a new challenge and try your hand in the world of IT recruitment. CV checked, everything beautifully updated, experience accurately described and the layout unique and pleasing to the eye. Confidence and optimism get you excited for the start of your new career adventure! Suddenly, you hear a quiet voice in the back of your head: "is IT recruitment really the path for me?", and your enthusiasm is slowly covered by a growing doubt....

Lena Felner
15 February 2023

Apps, plug-ins and tips – what will make IT recruitment work easier

Wondering what a recruiter's job is like? Or are you looking for ways to make your IT recruitment job easier on a daily basis? Here are some tools to streamline your work with the recruitment process, which in IT can be complicated.

Magda Daniell
5 December 2022

Overcome the nightmare of rejected offers – how to effectively recruit in IT

A typical situation: Your candidate - Krzysiek - has already come quite far in the selection process. The head of the department liked him, he did well in the recruitment task, the team loved him. There is consent to employment. The salary offer is in the upper limit of expectations indicated by Krzysiek. The Product Owner is already rubbing his hands, thinking about the progress on the project which they will make with Krzysiek on board. There is one problem - the candidate does not jump for joy when you offer him a job. Is he balanced, too calm? He claims he needs time. After a week of silence, he sends a rather dry e-mail in which he thanks for the offer, BUT...

Mateusz Smoczyński
6 May 2021

What can we learn from the 2008 crisis?

Learn about the history of an IT recruiter from the 2008 crisis. Will the lessons from those events help us deal with the modern crisis better?

Mateusz Smoczyński
10 April 2021

What does an IT recruiter do? Is this a job for you?

What does an IT recruiter really do? How much does he earn? How to become one? These are questions that are asked during meetings with us at career fairs or during recruitment interviews. In this post, I'll look at the profession of an IT recruiter and I will try to introduce it to people who are considering choosing this career path.

Mateusz Smoczyński
26 March 2021

Team sourcing, the power of the team in the service of IT recruitment

What is team sourcing all about? Is it a good solution for your recruitment team? What should you watch out for? In a series of posts dedicated to this issue, I will tell you about our adventure with this model and try to answer the questions you may have

Mateusz Smoczyński
5 March 2021
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